The desire to connect with nature has become a priority for most people around the world. It isn’t much different here in New York. After all, who doesn’t love walking through Central Park enjoying all that nature has to offer us? I can’t say this enough, I’m passionate about nature! Spaces surrounded by nature provide us with better health and well-being. That’s why I try to bring biophilic design to my projects.

The word biophilia comes from bio (life) and filia (love). Translating literally, love of life or love of living systems. Biophilic design seeks precisely to reconnect modern man to nature. It is the joining of the hand of man with the hand of nature. And the secret to promoting this reconnection is in creativity.


In all spaces! There is no restriction. It can be at home, at school, in the office, doctor’s office, hospitals etc. I would say that all environments deserve a biophilic design due to the goodness it provides. But the way to use it must be thought of in a very specific way. Each space will call for action. In each space you can incorporate a little bit of nature.

All about the benefits:

The World Health Organization has recognized that stress at work is a major cause of depression. Depression is considered one of the most disabling diseases today. Having a healthy work environment reduces these numbers, ensuring better quality of life and productivity. The biophilic design does exactly that, being a stress reducer. The results are also positive in schools, with an improvement in student concentration, in hospitals, helping in the recovery process and shortening hospital stay, and at home, with more comfortable and relaxing environments.


We can change up, for example, the lighting in the space Natural sunlight is one of the best kinds of lighting to utilize in a space. It can bring life to any design! You can also invest in organic materials to compose the spaces, such as, furniture, accessories or even the structure of the place. The biophilic design can also improve the air and ventilation, the acoustics of the environment, the spaces for rest, it can be on the walls, on the roofs, in the choice of materials and even colors.

In addition to all these advantages, biophilic design brings one of the most fundamental benefits for humanity in the 21st century: the preservation of the environment. We are discovering every day that taking care of human beings is taking care of nature. What was once just a beautiful speech by young dreamers, today is a commandment to be followed if we want a healthy planet to live on and leave for the next generation.