With Tlina Design, you can rest assured knowing that our services of designing, custom staging, and space planning will create a space you’ll love

Growing up in Brazil, I was consistently in awe of the one of a kind music, culinary genius, street festivals, and pops of bright color that surrounded me. It was impossible to not be inspired by this! Brazil is a blend of beauty that I have adapted into my own career and life to this day. My surroundings influenced my eye for design and I have been chasing that passion ever since. I have my Bachelors degree in Hospitality, which I earned in Brazil while beginning my career working in event planning at a popular resort in Salvador. My career then took a sharp turn towards an unexpected twist that led me to exactly where I am today!

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Keeping in mind that a well-designed home or office never goes out of fashion and is therefore timeless, we ensure that each project that comes to our portfolio will begin with a definitive design concept formulated in partnership with client collaboration and responsiveness. Our design style is true classic contemporary – taking the basic elements of interior design: color, light, texture and pattern while carefully applying more calculating principles: balance, proportion, scale, rhythm and contrast to create a harmonious functional space.


Tlina Design is a fast-growing New York based boutique interior design company that specializes in designing, custom staging and space planning of private homes and corporate spaces for modern living.

The company was formed by Principal Designer, Cintia Dixon. Committed to designing and accomplished in a broad scope of design style, Tlina Design offers professional and comprehensive range of interior design services and staging.

Cintia’s passion for designing originated from her previous engagement as an event coordinator at a resort in Salvador where she worked with several event organizer in creating design concepts. Coupled with her degree in hospitality and her rich cultural Brazilian heritage occupied with annual carnival celebration, street parties, music, dance, fashion, art, fascinating museums and beautiful cultural architecture, interior design is like second nature.

Tlina Design is celebrated for its fresh interpretations of living and working environments that addresses our client’s vision and functionality. Neither pure traditionalists nor modernists, our team dispenses with aesthetic agendas while offering uniquely tailored solutions that balance progressive design and traditional sensibilities.